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Understanding Exploding Head Syndrome

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Have you experienced intense, noisy, and explosive seem in your head while going to sleep or waking up? If yes, then you might have experienced exploding head syndrome causes. Despite its name, this condition is not dangerous, but can be quite distressing for those who experience it. In this blog post, let’s learn more about EHS and understand how it can be managed.

What is Exploding Mind Disorder?
EHS can be a neurological condition where the person encounters a high in volume sound inside their mind that may sound like an blast, gunshot, cymbals crashing, or thunder. This usually comes about whilst the person is asleep or just about to fall asleep or awaken, but could also occur during daytime naps. While it is still unclear what can cause EHS, it is actually believed to be associated with the overstimulation from the brain’s auditory neurons.
Who may be vulnerable to encountering EHS?
Everyone can expertise EHS, but it is more widespread in those who are above age 50. Furthermore, individuals who encounter sleep at night deprivation, anxiousness, or major depression are more likely to develop EHS. In some instances, it may also become a side effect of specific medications, such as some antidepressants and sedatives.

Which are the symptoms of EHS?
Besides the deafening noise in the head, people with EHS might also experience fear, anxiety, or anxiety and panic attacks. In some instances, they could also experience a flash of light-weight or feelings of slipping. Whilst the signs are certainly not physically harmful, they could cause important misery and affect the person’s rest and total total well being.

How is EHS managed?

Fortunately that EHS typically does not call for any treatment method.
Nevertheless, it is very important rule out any fundamental conditions that may be contributing to the signs. In case the cause is medicine, transitioning to another prescription medication may help reduce the signs or symptoms. Additionally, consuming steps to improve sleep personal hygiene, dealing with pressure, and training relaxing techniques, like relaxation and meditation, can also be useful in managing the signs or symptoms.
The best time to seek health care support?

While EHS is usually not really a cause of issue, it is essential to search for medical assist in case the symptoms are disturbing your daily routine, causing nervousness or major depression, or if you experience other signs and symptoms alongside EHS, like head aches or seizures. Your medical professional may advocate further more checks to rule out any root conditions and advise suitable treatment method.


Exploding Brain Disorder can be a relatively not known condition that can cause substantial problems and stress and anxiety for many who go through it. Even though the symptoms usually are not physically dangerous, they could hinder sleep and all round quality of life.

However, with correct managing and treatment method, the symptoms may be reduced, and the ones afflicted can get back charge of their day-to-day lives. Remember, seeking healthcare guidance is important when the symptoms are prolonged or maybe you experience any other signs or symptoms alongside EHS. Generally speak with your doctor if you have any problems concerning your overall health or well-being.

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