Dream Service Plinth Blocks: Adding Architectural Interest to Baseboards

Plinth Blocks: Adding Architectural Interest to Baseboards

Plinth Blocks: Adding Architectural Interest to Baseboards post thumbnail image

Skirting boards, often known as baseboards, are completing touches that include beauty and magnificence into a space. They hide the gap between the surface and wall structure while enhancing the aesthetic attractiveness of your residence. In this post, we shall discuss all you need to understand about skirting boards to enable you to make a knowledgeable selection when selecting the best 1 for your residence.

Skirting board resources

Skirting boards can be produced from various supplies, including MDF, hard wood, softwood, and PVC. MDF and Oak are excellent supplies for indoors use, when softwood is right for outdoor usage. Pvc material is ideal for damp rooms like kitchens and bath rooms. Solid wood skirting boards are the costliest and sturdy, when MDF is a cheaper alternative. Softwood skirting boards are susceptible to rotting and insect pest invasion if subjected to moisture.

Skirting board information

skirtings profiles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most typical information are rectangular, beveled, and curved. Square information are modern and straightforward, although beveled skirting boards have got a sloped advantage, producing a stylish appear. Circular profiles are perfect for standard properties and provide a delicate benefit.

Skirting board height

The height of your respective skirting board should be proportionate to the elevation of your respective ceiling. A typical skirting board height is between 100-150mm. In case you have higher ceilings, you may opt for a taller skirting board to complement the room’s magnificence.


Skirting boards could be set up making use of sticky, nails, anchoring screws, or mounting brackets. Sticky may be the simplest and quickest solution and is fantastic for level wall space. Fingernails or toenails and screws are suitable for installing skirting boards to uneven surfaces.


Skirting boards need minimum upkeep. They may be washed thoroughly clean using a humid cloth to get rid of grime and dirt. Stay away from coarse cleaning solutions or chemicals as they may problems the skirting board’s finish off.

Conclusion: Skirting boards are an essential element in interior design. They not merely cover unattractive spaces but additionally add classiness and beauty to your space. Deciding on the best skirting board is crucial, and that guide has provided you because of the important information to make an educated choice. Look at the materials, account, size, installation, and servicing when selecting your skirting board. Using this knowledge, you are sure to obtain the perfect skirting board that displays your look and enhances the advantage of your home.

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