Dream Service Mediums of Brilliance: Blakely Page’s Creative Expression

Mediums of Brilliance: Blakely Page’s Creative Expression

Mediums of Brilliance: Blakely Page’s Creative Expression post thumbnail image

When it comes to attaining our goals, we often establish restrictions for ourselves depending on our capabilities and limits. But some folks seem to exceed these limitations very easily, confirming by using perseverance and perseverance, anything is probable. And one these kinds of individual is Blakely Page – a youthful woman who has not only cracked through her very own limitations but also has grow to be an inspiration for other individuals.

Who is Blakely Page was created with cerebral palsy – a condition that impacts muscle tissue coordination and movement. Nevertheless, it has never stopped her from pursuing her desires. The truth is, she has converted her incapacity into the opportunity to highlight her extraordinary talents. Blakely is a dancer, musician, actress, performer plus a general public loudspeaker. She has even published two publications about her experiences as a particular person experiencing cerebral palsy.

Blakely’s passion for grooving started at age of four when she attended a party class designed specifically for children with handicaps. Her love for dancing grew throughout the years as she participated in a variety of tournaments across the us. Today, Blakely is generally known as an honor-winning dancer who has carried out on several levels throughout the world.

Aside from becoming an achieved dancer, Blakely is also an musician who generates beautiful paintings making use of her mouth area to keep the remember to brush or pencil. Her artwork has become featured in galleries all over the world and she even provides prints of her works of art on the internet.

Additionally, Blakely is also an actress who has appeared in several television shows and movies such as Nashville and Speechless. She employs these possibilities to raise consciousness about incapacity proper rights and addition in press.

Besides Blakely succeed in the arts but she is another skilled vocalist who performs at events country wide. Her tone of voice has been explained by several as angelic and highly effective.

Lastly, Blakely uses her system to distribute understanding about cerebral palsy and disability rights. She has presented many speeches at various conventions and situations across the United States, uplifting other folks to get rid of through their own boundaries.


Blakely Page is an authentic inspiration for anyone who feels their impairment or limits can hold them again. She has demonstrated that with effort, dedication plus a good attitude anything is probable. Her remarkable skills in boogie, artwork, behaving, singing and public communicating prove that issues usually do not determine a person’s abilities. Blakely’s tale is a prompt which we must not quit our ambitions and try to attempt to press over and above our limitations.

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