Dream General Curing Anxiety with Art and Video Games: Dr Michael Vivian

Curing Anxiety with Art and Video Games: Dr Michael Vivian

Curing Anxiety with Art and Video Games: Dr Michael Vivian post thumbnail image

Anxiety, an all-too-common enemy in our modern world, often feels persistent and overwhelming. While professional medical help is the first go-to, complementary treatments like indulging in art and video games have shown positive outcomes. This blog post aims to delve into the therapeutic benefits of such unconventional approaches to managing anxiety.

The Role Of Video Games For Anxiety

Dr Michael Vivian Immersing yourself in another world, controlling an avatar, achieving new high scores, all these aspects can make video games an engaging way to alleviate anxiety. The right kinds of games can help to:

• Distract from anxious thoughts.
• Provide a meaningful challenge and a sense of achievement.
• Encourage problem-solving skills.
• Promote relaxation and stress relief.

Choosing The Right Video Games

Not all games are created equal when it comes to managing anxiety. Here are a few tips to find anxiety-reducing games:

• Look for games with peaceful and relaxing settings.
• Be mindful of overly competitive games: While some people thrive amidst competition, they may exacerbate anxiety symptoms for others.
• Experiment with Virtual Reality games: VR games can offer a fully immersive experience that can be beneficial for managing anxiety.

Understanding Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses the creation of visual art to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, according to Dr Michael Vivian. The process of expression can help individuals to:

• Understand their feelings more accurately
• Deal with their symptoms
• Manage their behaviors and thinking
• Increase self-esteem

Getting Started With Art Therapy

Starting out with art therapy is as simple as picking up a pen and paper, a palette and brush, or any other form of material that suits you.

• Don’t strive for perfection: Art therapy is about expressing feelings, not creating a masterpiece.
• Use colors: Different colors often relate to various emotions. For example, red can signify anger, and blue can signify sadness.
• Create an art journal: Dedicate a journal where you can draw or paint your feelings daily.


While art and video games should not replace professional help for managing anxiety, they serve as powerful complementary tools. Art Therapy helps with catharsis and self-expression, while video games offer an escape and positive stimulation. The key lies in discovering what works for you and incorporating it into your wellness routine.

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